How long will the comic run for?

So far, we have planned 10 chapters to the comic. We don’t know yet how many pages by chapter (as an example, Chapter 1 has 20 pages, Chapter 2 will have 35 pages). Our ideal plan for the total run of the comic goes to around 3½ years, at a rate of about 3 chapters per year. It will also be in the same distribution format; one page every weekday when a chapter is done, and a longer hiatus between chapters.

Love the art and the direction this story is going in, will you guys be doing a print release?

We will be doing a print release at some point. We love books a lot and won’t be satisfied until we can put out one worthy of the name :)

Right now though, we have a ton of ideas, but only 55 pages of comic, so we gotta work more before we can set any book plan in motion. When we get to the point where it’s timely to think about a print run, we’ll make sure to announce it everywhere.

We might print current chapters together as a special thing for the conventions we attend, but no plan so far to make those available outside of conventions.

Do you tend to work on the pages like, one step at a time (all the pencils, all the inks, all the colors, etc) or one page at a time? Or somewhere in between?

The first chapter was different in the way it was made than the pipeline we’ll try to use for the subsequent chapters. Zazb did 99% of the work on the first chapter, so it was done one stage at a time. Thumbnails, pencils, inks, colors, dialogue; each step done to completion before moving on to the next step.

For subsequent chapters, Eve does the actual writing (though the two of us work on the story), the thumbnails and the rough pages. She also takes care of the dialogue, to be then sent for editing to a very kind helper. Zazb does the pencils, inks and colors.