Welcome, new readers!

This comic is the collaborative project of Guillaume Bonnet (aka ZazB) and Eve Bolt. Due to the busy nature of our spare time, it updates when we manage to get a bit done, therefore its schedule is inconsistent. Sorry about that.

You can check or follow the comic’s twitter account to stay up-to-date with the updates!

Where to find our stuff

Zazb - twitter | devianArt | tumblr | instagram

Eve Bolt - twitter | tumblr | instagram


Proof Reader : Monkey #4

Fonts used : awesome custom typography for the banner, DigitalStrip for the comic

Technical tidbits

The pages are made in part traditionally (thumbnails, roughs, inks) and in part digitally (colors, type.) Tools of the trade include lotsa paper, light blue and blue Col-Erase pencils, brushpens, felt pens, foutain pen, a printer/scanner, a small Cintiq tablet and Photoshop.

Oh, and lots of sweat, tears and love :)